Sunday, September 26, 2010


So my English teacher, Mr. Chanese, assigned me (as my yearly project) to update my blog with a post consisting of at least 500 words, every other week. This here is the first out of many updates to come. So, at this current moment, I am very ashamed of myself. I feel like I'm a television addict. And trust me, I'm not usually the person who has a million television shows under their must-see list. But why do the television channels have to show all of the shows I like at the same time. Monday: World of Jenks at 10pm; The Buried Life at 10:30pm. Wednesday: Modern Family at 9pm. Thursday: Community at 8pm; 30 Rock at 8:30pm; The Office at 9pm; Jersey Shore at 10pm. Sunday: The Simpsons at 8pm; The Cleveland Show at 8:30pm; Family Guy at 9pm; Bored To Death at 10pm; Eastbound & Down at 10:30pm. It makes me sick just looking at how long this list is...

So I'm counting the days down until my 16th birthday. I need a job so badly. I feel like I'm never going to get ahead, or really get further in what I want to do, until I start making my own money. There is a opening for crew members at the Dunkin' Donuts down the street from me. The manager told me there should still be an opening by the time I turn 16, so I possibly might get to work there. best job searching website ever!!! You just type in your zip code, and a list of all the jobs available near you are shown on the page. I keep my birth date private, only family members and old friends know my real birthday, but since I started going to high school, I haven't been telling anyone when my birthday was. And I'm still not going to tell, I will say this though, it'll be about four more weeks until you see me serving donuts!!!